Cryptotraders Pro is proud to be a member of the cryptocurrency space, and it’s thanks to our community that we continue to grow.  It is with that in mind that we are grateful to have been given an exclusive opportunity to learn firsthand that Dash, the leading peer-to-peer digital currency for payments, is now an accepted payment method in New Hampshire.  AutoFair, in Merrimack, sold its first car paid for exclusively in Dash.  AutoFair is also running a promotional discount for the next several cars purchased with the cryptocurrency.

We’ve all heard and seen of luxury vehicles being sold for Bitcoin, but this is the first that we’ve heard of a vehicle being sold for Dash by a dealership!  The first vehicle sold at AutoFair for Dash was a 2012 Ford Fusion, valued at $7560.00 USD, or 36.9855 Dash.  The transaction was processed by Anypay, a cryptocurrency point-of-sale app which is used in New Hampshire.  According to Derrick J. Freeman of Anypay, the car’s buyer who also convinced the merchant to accept Dash as a form of payment, the entire process was simple and easy.

“The paying part was delightful.  It was super easy.  It was pretty amazing actually.  Had I walked into the dealership with a stack of twenties, it would’ve been way more difficult.  It just seemed right.  Modern, efficient.  It was also playful and fun whereas paper cash is way less fun.  Tedious”, he said.

One of the largest auto dealerships in the area, AutoFair has over 300 cars available on the Merrimack, and they’re available to purchase with Dash.  AutoFair has paired up with AnyPay to run a joint promotion to sell additional vehicles with Dash.  The next four cars sold for Dash will receive 10% “Dash-back,” which will be split evenly between the buyer and the seller, effectively a 5% discount for the buyer.  The amount is capped at a $1,000 total value for the purchase.

Freeman believes this will help further incentivize merchants in the area to accept Dash.  He hopes that merchants will hold onto it instead of immediately converting their Dash into cash in the bank.

“Most businesses that started accepting cryptocurrency were smaller, more marginal businesses, and we see that larger and larger businesses are accepting crypto,” said Freeman.  “What normally happens is a business will accept digital cash often knowing that they can convert it to bank money.  Yet almost always they learn about the benefits and decide to keep the digital cash themselves.”

Dash is the most popular cryptocurrency in New Hampshire, and is accepted by a large number and wide variety of merchants.  In New Hampshire, there are nearly 80 listed businesses that accept Dash according to Dash merchant listing site DiscoverDash.  With a population of fewer than 1.5 million, New Hampshire’s cryptocurrency scene is quite positive!

Dash is also immensely popular in other countries, including Venezuela, where the Bolivar has essentially collapsed due to inflation.  This is something that we discussed in our first podcast – you can listen to that here.   Special thanks to our friends at Dash for giving us this exclusive scoop.  Let us know what you think on our Facebook page!