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Access our weekly Watchlist where you’ll receive a detailed video analysis every week on 3-5 cryptocurrencies. We will share the hottest coins to watch each week backed by technical analysis and deep fundamental research.
   Trading Signals
Receive actionable cryptocurrency trading signals sent directly to your phone. Our team of professional traders carefully analyzes each position using technical analysis and risk management techniques. We provide a detailed analysis, stop loss, and portfolio tracker so you know exactly what to look for with each trade.

Crypto Trading Course
Watch, follow, and listen to our team of professionals as they share with you the strategies used to succeed. Starting with a beginner crypto course transitioning to advanced technical analysis and market psychology, our team will guide you to become a successful trader.
Comprehensive Crypto Trading Course Jump start your cryptocurrency trading career with the most comprehensive trading course available. From wallet security and exchanges, to profitable chart patterns and risk management, we cover it all!
Crypto Trading: Consistent Profits to Financial Freedom
1.Becoming a Crypto Trader
2.Exchanges, Wallets, and Trading Tools
3.Intro to Candlestick and Chart Patterns
4.Market Psychology
5.Fundamental Analysis
6.Advanced Technical Analysis
7.Combining Fundamental and Technical Analysis
8.V.I.C.I.O.U.S. Pre-Trade Checklist
9.Developing Your Strategy
10.Live Trading Sessions
Work alongside professionals cryptocurrency traders every single day. You’ll be able to network, connect and share ideas with hundreds of brilliant traders. With mutliple eyes scanning the market, our chatroom is the most powerful trading tool to add to your arsenal.
There will never be a better opportunity to get involved and investing into cryptocurrency.
Team of Successful Traders
Daily in-Depth Market Analysis
Instant Trading Signals
Live Portfolio Overview
Personalized 1 on 1 Mentorship
Successful Community of Over 50,000 Traders
Live Group Trading Sessions
Extensive Video Library
Weekly Video Watchlist
Exclusive 24/7 Chatroom
Real time Technical Analysis
Crypto Trading: Consistent Profits to Financial Freedom

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We have members in over 100 different countries from 6 continents around the world. It is truly possible for anyone to become a consistently profitable crypto trader. Our goal is to give you the foundation needed to succeed through education, training, and mentorship.
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5 5 1
Since joining the crypto world I joined a number of different groups to learn as much as I could. Hands down crypto traders is the best group I have joined. Allowed me to take the emotion side out and stopped chasing what a lot of people speculated and instead helped me make educational and analytical decisions. No b.s. posts here and I have learned a lot since joining. I would highly recommend this group to anyone!

5 5 1
These guys are a top resource in the Cryptocurrency industry! Started working directly with them in July 2017 without any idea on how to trade or read a chart. Since then I’ve learned how to find what to look for on the chart. I finally feel confident enough to become a contributor to the community profiting alongside the team. Thanks for helping me change my financial situation and become apart of an amazing community!

5 5 1
This group is by far the best group I have joined. Crypto Traders are very active. It has a very comfortable & friendly environment that makes it easier for me to ask questions. I feel lucky & grateful to have found this group! My knowledge & confidence about trading using TA has expanded tremendously. These guys knows their stuff & I'm sticking with them for a long long time. From Philippines

5 5 1
This group in/of itself effectively invalidates the need to be in any other facebook group. If I could sum up what Crypto Traders News/Pro/Group is about in a single sentence: This is the Khanacademy of crypto. Period. ____________________________________________________________ This is not about "when moon", but how to learn invaluable analytical skills, how to critically assess the ridiculous breadth of information, true and false, that's out there, and how to not just appropriately act on it, but make financial plans, tax plans, investment strategies, and more... all of which are 100% personalized to you. Why? Because you yourself will be the one making them from what you learn! Nobody's doing it for you, but we're all here together to learn how to do this with you. No BS or self promo, which is the best part. It's just operational folks operating operationally. I can't even believe how civil the commentaries are under posts. I actually feel guilty swearing in here, even though it's just conjecture and not aimed at anything in a negative manner.

5 5 1
Been following this group for about three months now, and I can honestly say that without the current admin team working hard behind the curtains to reciprocate every bit of symmetrical info as possible, then it would not be the same. I'm here to stay and keep up with the great work!

5 5 1
Coming from a guy who has knowledge of little to none about crypto/trading so I decided to spend a tiny investment in having a week of private conference call with them. I can only tell you that he answers more than I asked for and ALWAYS spent more times to make sure I have all my questions answers and understood. Best part is as we all know him from his posts that he is pure HONEST to you and not holding back anything. Conclusion its really worth to have a private section with him. Thanks again!!

5 5 1
Good solid advice from them. Use or ignore their advise, up to you. Trade wisely and try not to be scammed. There are way too many people out there that want to take your money and give crypto's a bad name! The future is here so go out and make new money.

5 5 1
Nothing but love for this crew. They are consistently on point with both of their FB pages and they are genuinely cool guys. They are a bright spot among all the other Crypto FB groups.

5 5 1
Crypto Traders has some great info if you want to learn! Experienced Pro traders sharing their knowledge with the world. I'm a noob that started with $19k (Aug) & bc of the charts in the CT FB posts was able to pay that back & atm have a +$32k portfolio...all because they freely shared their knowledge with the planet on FB. I decided to take it to another level & signed up for their course. They have a heartfelt desire to pay it forward and the desire & knowledge to do so...what makes it work. Lotta heart & Real deal.

5 5 1
An invaluable resource when investing and trading crypto. Charts are easy-to-read and on point. In a short amount of time, my trading skills have improved and my profits have increased. Very grateful and would recommend to anyone looking to invest or trade.