ErisX, a new cryptocurrency exchange, has announced that it has raised a mind-boggling $27.5 million dollars from investors.  Their investors include Fidelity Investments and Nasdaq Ventures.  We know the markets are down and have been down in 2018, but doesn’t this give you some hope?  We know retail investors and big players in the stock market are just chomping at the bit to enter this market!

ErisX says it will offer investors the ability to trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum on spot and futures markets starting in 2019.  They’re currently waiting for regulatory approval.

Cryptocurrencies, as we know, are virtual tokens that can be used as a form of payments on a variety of online applications.  They can also be traded on dedicated online exchanges, such as Binance.

Nasdaq confirmed it participated in the funding round – they did, however, decline to offer information as to how much they invested.  Fidelity has not responded for comments.

The investment will be used by ErisX to hire staff and “build our infrastructure and secure the appropriate steps are taken to develop a regulated market for digital assets,” said Thomas Chippas, ErisX’s Chief Executive Officer.

ErisX, based in Chicago, closed on its first round of investment in October, which included investors like TD Ameritrade Holding Corps, Valor Equity Partners, and CBOE Global Markets INC.

Are you feeling bullish?  We know that the market has been sad this past year.  But we’re confident in cryptocurrency, and we’re confident in 2019.  Big players are starting to move in.  Better exchanges are coming online soon.  Where will you be when the next Bull Run happens?  Let us know on our Facebook page!