13 Ways to Earn Cryptocurrency

On the second episode of the Cryptotraders Pro Podcast, Matt and Kurt cover 13 ways to earn cryptocurrency.  These are alternative ways to earn cryptocurrency outside of whipping out your bank account and credit card.  You can listen to the latest podcast on Stitcher, Apple, or Spotify.  In the podcast, Matt and Kurt talk about 13 ways to earn cryptocurrency – how many of the 13 will you try yourself?  Let us know on Facebook!


Bitwage is a fantastic way to convert a portion (or all of) your paycheck into cryptocurrency.  While Matt and Kurt haven’t used it, they have industry contacts that have used Bitwage to great effect, including a Dash enthusiast who has taken his paycheck converted to Dash.  The benefit of using Bitwage is that it’s cheaper than using Coinbase to purchase cryptocurrency.  It is a very easy way to dollar-cost-average their buys, especially for those of you who want to invest in a cryptocurrency for a long period of time.  Do you use Bitwage?  How do you like it?  Let us know!


Trading is an excellent way of increasing your cryptocurrency holdings.  As Matt pointed out, without trading, you could see your investment grow in dollar value, but the amount of Bitcoin you have would stay the same.  While you could lose out in bad trades, the risk is worth it to him.

There are 3 types of traders.  Day trading – taking a position and selling within 24 hours or within the day ; Swing Trading – taking a position and waiting anywhere between a few days to a couple of months before taking profit ; and Long Term Investors – those who take a position and are willing to wait several months to several years!  Do you trade?  What has been successful for you?

Have you considered CryptoTraders Pro’s signals?  Maybe you want to learn how to trade – have you considered our cryptocurrency trading course?  Maybe you’re ready to dive into the world of cryptocurrency investing and start your path to financial independence.  We also offer bundles!   Whatever you decide, take the time to register on our website.  Let us know if you’ve been successful with trading!  We’d love to hear your success stories!

Gig Market

The gig market is an excellent way to earn some extra cash, have you ever considered earning crypto for your marketable skills?  Websites like Fiverr has exploded in recent years, it’s estimated that 57 million US workers work in the gig economy.  Are you one of them?  Chances are you have a marketable skill.  We at CTP use websites like Fiverr to scour for talent.  But did you know that you could earn cryptocurrency in the gig economy?  Websites like Fivebucks is growing in popularity.  Fivebucks is a freelancer marketplace for using Bitcoin Cash (BCH), so it’s perfect for people who might not have access to traditional banking services or use Paypal.  CTP also started a Facebook Group (Insert link there) called Freelancers Accepting Crypto.  If you’re a freelancer, please join us and market your skills!

Masternodes and Staking

While masternodes and staking offer easy passive income, it does require you to purchase and or obtain cryptocurrency to maintain.  Some of the most well-known masternodes include Dash and Zcoin.  Some popular staking cryptocurrencies include Neblio and EOS.  As Matt and Kurt joked about, masternodes allow you to become “a central banker” for that cryptocurrency – you get rewarded for maintaining the integrity of the cryptocurrency.  Neblio was brought up as a strong staking coin, due to its 10% compound staking rewards.  Do you maintain a masternode?  Do you stake coins?  Let us know which ones you have!  Have you been successful?

Crypto Jobs

While this bear market has certainly tapped the brakes for a lot of investors, if you take a look at cryptocurrency jobs, you’d see this as a fast growing industry with a lot of job opportunities.  If you have a background in marketing, developing, public speaking, etc. etc., cryptocurrency companies and projects are looking for you!  A lot of Matt and Kurt’s industry contacts have said that there is a growing need for quality talent for their projects.  These are also jobs that would allow you to get paid in crypto!  Binance employees had the option of getting paid in Binance Coin (BNB), and that represented a significant gain in value for early employees – going from $.10 to $30!  It can be quite lucrative to receive compensation in cryptocurrency.

If you’re looking for a job in crypto, try going to one of your favorite project’s website, and use their “Contact Us” tab and reach out!  If nothing else, make yourself useful to a project, and find a project that operates off of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), like Dash!  Essentially, you can work from home, upload your work, and if payment for your work is passed in a vote, you get paid!  Dash Force News is a great example of a group of people who are paid by Dash for their great work.  Do you have a job in a cryptocurrency project or company?

Bug Bounties

If you’re an ethical hacker, or a white hat hacker, there are plenty of opportunities for you in cryptocurrency and blockchain!  Just like in corporate security, bug bounties are essential in keeping a project secure and bug-free.  Recently, Cory Fields was offered 100k for discovering and patching consensus vulnerability in BCH.   There was another vulnerability that Matt and Kurt talked about – it was about Bitcoin and how there was an exploit to massively inflate and artificially create BTC.  Most worryingly, Kurt remarked how just $80,000 worth of hash power could generate bitcoins out of thin air.  These are just two examples as to why bug bounties are, and will continue to be, incredibly lucrative for white hats in the future.

BAT/Brave Browser

The Brave browser is an open source web browser with backing from respectable figures such as Brendan Eich, co-founder of the Mozilla Project.   It’s a browser that won’t sell your search habits or profile to the highest bidder – rather, they let advertisers come to you, and they’ll even pay you for your time through small micro-transactions of Basic Attention Token (BAT).  By using the Brave browser, every so often, an offer to watch an ad will appear.  You can choose to ignore the ad if you wish, but if you watch it, you can earn a small amount of BAT, so you’ll want to get a BAT compatible wallet opened up and registered.  You can download the Brave browser and earn $5.00 in BAT for FREE by clicking here.


Have you ever found yourself with lots of spare time, bored because of that spare time, and looking for something, anything, to fill that time?  Have we got news for you!  Earn.com allows you to spend some free time doing work.  To be completely frank with you, it’s mindless work, consisting of answering surveys, replying to emails, etc. etc., but in return, they’ll pay you in cryptocurrency!  They recently joined Coinbase!  You can learn more about that partnership here. You can sign up here.

General Affiliate Markets

Matt and Kurt joked with this one – general affiliate markets are generally seen as spam, and those who use it to spam are generally kicked out of whatever forum they’re in.  But affiliate marketing can and does work!  Back in the heyday, Kurt was talking about how Coinbase used to offer $75.00 for their referral program instead of the $10.00 it does today.  Remember something – that was $75.00 worth of Bitcoin back during 2012-2013 Bitcoin prices.

Early general affiliate savants for Binance are currently raking in thousands upon thousands of dollars just from their referrals.  We have our Binance referral link here, as well as our BAT/Brave Browser referral link – earn $5.00 in BAT by downloading the Brave Browser here!  One thing that we want to make sure we’re transparent about is the fact that any affiliate links that we offer to you are products that we stand behind, such as the Brave Browser.  If you have any questions or concerns, let us know.  We’ll address them as expediently as possible.

Social Media

Steemit , yours.org , and Memo.cash are all different forms of social media that can pay you in cryptocurrency!  The most popular one right now is Steemit, which is a long-word social media format.  Their rival is Medium.  But if you are able to create good content, you can earn Steemit, Steem Dollars, and Steem Power.  Learn more about how the Steemit ecosystem works by clicking here.

Yours.org is a Steemit rival, but instead of using Steemit’s ecosystem, they use use BCH.  Memo.cash is a competitor to Twitter.  You’ll have to listen to the podcast here to find out what he compares  it to, but to give you a hint – it allows you to search a specific hash to see what’s written in the memo of that transaction!  Can you think of any reasons why that might come in handy?


Do you know how Matt got into cryptocurrency?  Politics aside, it just shows how Matt trusting his instincts pays off!  Gambling is yet another way to earn cryptocurrency.  From e-sports betting to traditional games of chance, there’s a game for you, and with that game comes an opportunity to win some cryptocurrency!  Most of these games use BCH since it’s fast and cheaper to send smaller amounts, but if you’re good at say, blackjack or texas hold’em, or even feel lucky, try gambling a small amount!  Because the gambling is decentralized, the payout rate can be publically audited.  This just means you’ll be able, if motivated, to calculate the payout rate to ensure fairness.


Have you ever sold and/or bought something off of Craigslist?  Did you know Craigslist allows you to tell your potential buyer that you’re willing to accept cryptocurrency as a method of payment?  While we don’t recommended selling everything that you own on Craigslist in return for cryptocurrency, check some stuff that you have.  Haven’t used that GameCube in a few years?  You might be able to get some money for it!  Wouldn’t it be better to receive cryptocurrency too?   Just a thought!


Last but not least, mining is another way to receive cryptocurrency.  It does require an investment of a miner, and, full disclosure, we want to make sure that you’re aware that mining becomes more inefficient with time, so if you’re going to start mining, start now rather than later.  Kurt mines, Matt does not.  Kurt offered some insight in the blog, stating how it’s fascinating to see the miners at work.  He also remarked how if you live in a colder area, stick the miners in the basement and let it heat up your floor!  One thing about mining is that it does use a lot of electricity and generates a lot of heat.  So if you do end up mining, make sure you have a dedicated space for it, and are able to sufficiently cool.

Last Thoughts

This is the second podcast by Matt and Kurt for Cryptotraders Pro.  What do you think? Did you see something new on this list of 13 ways to earn cryptocurrency? Did we forget something? Do you have any suggestions?  What are some topics that you want to see covered by Matt and Kurt?

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