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December 2018
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Founder & Lead Mentor
From Detroit, Michigan, USA

Matt first founded Crypto Traders as a way for Cryptocurrency Traders to network their trading ideas & connect with like-minded individuals. He started out just posting his thoughts and analysis on the market, but as the community grew, more people began to post their opinions and analysis as well.

After only a few months, the community has thousands of members in it that were active and engaged. Matt didn’t expect it to turn into a full-time job, but the group quickly exploded to over 50,000 members. As the group grew, Matt couldn’t keep up with personally sharing his trading knowledge with members, so he recruited a few members he trusted to help him moderate the group and begin to record videos to teach the ins and outs of trading.

The tech and crypto industry is quickly moving and developing. The team at Crypto Traders Pro has been passionate about advocating for Cryptocurrency Adoption as a way to keep the markets healthy, build stability, and to truly have cryptocurrency change the world for the better.

Besides spending much of his time talking about business, investing, and cryptocurrency everywhere he goes, Matt is an active Real Estate investor in the Metro Detroit area. He loves putting deals together and making win/win scenarios for everyone involved. As a way to decompress, Matt enjoys working out, staying active, and being outdoors with his girlfriend and their dogs.

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December 2018
Interview with


How did you first learn about Cryptocurrency?

I was always a Misesean “gold bug” from the time I was in college. Ron Paul’s campaign in 2004 got me interested in “sound money,” and that pushed me into monetary activism against central banking. Sometime in 2012, people in the activist circles started telling me about bitcoin. I thought it was a digital fiat at first, but I read the white paper and did a bunch of research. I distinctly remember watching Andreas Antonopolous and Roger Ver on YouTube, and I went down the rabbit hole from there.

How did you first get into trading?

Well, I was an old-school “hodler” and was just dollar-cost-averaging for most of 2013, until the first big bull run. I decided to be a very passive swing trader and sold about half of my holdings before the 2014 crash. Then, I started swing trading and came up with a solid system through practice and some mentorship.

Was trading an instant success for you?

It sort of worked out that way, yes, but it wasn’t because I was good at it. I was lucky to join at the beginning of a major upswing and then sell about half of a big chunk around the peak, but it was pure instinct at that point. Since then, merely playing long-term trends and being patient and conservative has meant exponential growth for my portfolio.

Yikes! That doesn’t sound fun, but falling prey to a scam or experiencing high losses is a common experience for new traders. How did you get back on your feet and not get discouraged?

I subscribed to a variety of different chat rooms and trading communities. It helped me so much to be able to follow traders that had success. I spent a few years watching DVDs and webinars. Once I felt comfortable, I ventured out on my own with the knowledge I had and formulated my strategy. I didn’t know anyone in real life that traded, so having that online community to talk to and fall back on was awesome! It took me 3 years to be consistently profitable, but I think that would have happened much quicker if I had found a good community sooner.

What have been your best and worst trades so far?

Let’s start with the worst and end on a high note. My worst month of trading was in the stock market. I was shorting a play overnight and early the next morning a positive PR came out. It shot up and I lost nearly 15k. I felt awful and in shock. I was betting big thinking it was a sure-fire play and the news was random.

My best…. (Litecoin trade?)

Trading provides business liquidity, but the actual utility of cryptocurrency is the secure, unstoppable and frictionless transmission of accumulated value. Don’t ever forget that all real value is derived from utility.

How does your background make you unique?

My biggest strength has alwasy been patience. I think if I wasn’t so patient with myself, I would have never gotten past those big losses and the learning curve. Now that I’m a skilled trader, that patience translates really well to my daily trading work. Sometimes I stalk coins for weeks at a time before taking the “perfect” entry. By being patient, I have actually maximized the amount that I profit overall. The setups come to me, I don’t chase every coin that pumps up slightly. On the other hand, I also learned to cut my losses quickly.

I have also spent many years in the industry. I’ve been trading since 2012, but I’ve traded equities, stocks, invested in real estate, and of course, favor trading cryptocurrency. It’s always smart to diversify your portfolio, so I know quite a bit about investments other than cryptocurrency trading.

In terms of the work you do, what aspects are you most passionate about and why?

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What do you consider some of your biggest professional and personal accomplishments? How did your attributes contribute to those accomplishments?

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What advice do you have for someone who wants to get involved in cryptocurrency?

One of the biggest lessons I learned when I first started is to cut losses quickly, but that’s not enough to bring you success. There are a lot of things that go into being a successful trader – patience, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and not letting yourself get too emotional about your trades. It’s nerve-wracking to put your hard earned money on the line, especially if you experience major losses. The best thing any beginner trader can do is find a good community to help them out. Having a good community is still helpful to me, and I’m a veteran trader with consistent profits. The fact is that trading can be a lonely game, and having a good community means more eyes on the charts.


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