Crypto Traders Pro FAQ
Which package is right for me?

We offer a few different bundles and packages to cater to a wide variety of people. If you’re serious about becoming a consistently profitable trader, we recommend the Pro package. It has everything you need for a FULL YEAR to reach financial freedom.

If you’re looking to just learn more about trading and investing in cryptocurrency, you might just want to start with the 20+ hour Crypto Trader’s course.

Want to go for a test run with our signals and analysis?
Try us out for 1 month! Get instant text message alerts sent directly to your phone. We tell you exactly when to enter a trade and how to profit.

Want to work on your trading with one of our Mentors?
We work directly with traders of all experience levels. If you’re new and haven’t even started your journey or a seasoned trader looking to get more insight on the cryptocurrency markets, we have a mentor for you!

Want more Direct, VIP access?
We have an application only, VIP membership, where you get direct access to the team. You will be able to meet the team, trade live in person, and get exclusive access to trading conferences around the world. You get a direct line of communication to the team and have the best chance of success as a trader. Our VIP traders work directly with the team to ensure success in the markets.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Litecoin.

What is your refund policy?

Because we are offering a service and a digital course that cannot be unseen or watched, we do not offer any refunds.

How much money do I need to start trading?

There is no specific minimum. You can start by investing as little as $1 into cryptocurrency. We recommend at least $500 to start trading.

Is this guaranteed?

No, we are not registered financial advisors and everything we say is for entertainment purposes only. We will not be held liable or held accountable for any of your losses.

How do I receive instant trade signals?

For instant trading signals and alerts, we use the Telegram app. We recommend you turn notifications on and join our group immediately upon sign up.

How do I get access to the exclusive live chat?

We use a private, secure Discord server for our exclusive live chat. Please download Discord, and send us your username upon registering.

Why do you teach if you’re such a successful trader?

This community was created to connect and network with like-minded traders. Attacking these markets alone can be overwhelming for new traders and beginners, we want to become the foundation to your success. The more skilled eyes we have scanning the markets, the more of these big plays we can take advantage of. We are a community that is focused on seeing others succeed. When you succeed, we succeed.

Can you trade my Account for me?

No! We want to help you become a self-sufficient trader in our community.

Can I trade while I work a full time job?

Yes! All of our top traders began trading and learning the ropes while juggling a full-time job. It’s recommended, actually! Crypto trades 24/7-365. You can trade with any type of schedule. Most of our trades are swing trades and play out over the course of several days or weeks.

Can I become a successful trader by only following your signals?

While we pride ourselves with a high percentage win rate, it is not advised to try and follow signals alone. We want you to develop your own strategy, with the help of our community and become self-sufficient. We strongly recommend you use our signals as a guide and reference point to furthering your knowledge!

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